Selling a house? Here are some great staging tips that will help your home look welcoming and appealing to potential buyers.

  • selling a houseMake sure everything is in top condition: No burnt-out light bulbs, cracked plaster, or torn screens. You’re probably used to seeing them, so tour your home with a critical eye and repair anything that needs it.
  • Depersonalize: Potential buyers need to visualize themselves in your rooms. Pictures of the kids or quirky decorations can kill the illusion. Remove all family photographs, and, if necessary, repaint brightly coloured walls with a more neutral tone.
  • When it comes to furnishings, be aware of scale: You might love that giant sofa, but if it makes the room look small, it must go. When selling a house, try to arrange small groupings of furniture with lots of space around.
  • Lighting: A low-cost, high-return investment! People think lights cost a fortune, but you can go to a box store and get beautiful ones for just a few hundred dollars. Most houses don’t have enough lighting, so if the electrician is coming anyway, have him install extra overhead fixtures – or at least buy some attractive lamps.
  • Kitchen: Counters should be clutter-free and sparking clean. A vase holding cooking utensils or a single bowl is fine, but that’s about it. Store your small appliances in a cupboard.

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