homes for saleWould you spend only 20 minutes looking at homes for sale, knowing that you intend to live in the one you buy for many years? Well, some people do, and they regret it. It’s no good remembering what you should have checked in the homes for sale after you’ve left.

  • Is the Home Structurally Sound? Expect some hairline cracks, but beware of big cracks. Look where extensions join, bay windows and end-of-terrace walls, all of which can bow or fall away from the rest of the house. If you have any doubts or see major cracks, it may be worth getting a structural engineer to have a look.
  • Is There Damp? The telltale signs are flaky plaster, mouldy smell, and watermarked ceilings or walls. Another clue may be if a room has been freshly painted to possibly cover up damp.
  • Are the Rooms Big Enough? It’s been known that sellers, when staging homes for sale, may put small furniture in rooms to make them seem more spacious.
  • How Old Is the Roof? Roof replacement is expensive, and depending on the material used, a newer one has an expected lifespan of 15 to 20 years.
  • Is the Plumbing up to Scratch? Run the faucets to check the water pressure. Does the heating system work? Ask if the pipes are insulated.
  • Is There Enough Storage Space? This is often an overlooked, but valuable, asset. In newly built homes for sale, storage space is often scarce.

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