REALTORS®Anyone who has bought a home will tell you it’s not typically a DIY job. Having personable knowledgeable REALTORS® at your side is the key to a successful and smooth buying experience. However, with the sheer number of options available to sellers and buyers, not to mention market fluctuations, it can be a difficult job.

Cutting through the noise of traditional billboards, mailing and ‘For Sale’ signs is also a challenge for REALTORS®. That’s why we have turned to social media to attract new clients and promote listings. In the real estate industry, we are like gatekeepers – possessing information and goods in the form of properties. As such, using social media to position ourselves as leaders or experts can go a long way in helping both sellers and buyers.

One way is to build a Pinterest board focusing on local communities. This strategy is important because, since Pinterest is predominantly female-oriented, women are frequently the ones who make buying decisions. It’s also a great way to show people why they should live in the communities REALTORS® are selling in.

While Pinterest is great for sharing perspectives, Facebook and Twitter can be used to build relationships based on prospective and existing clients’ experiences. Everything from a pregnancy to a new job can indicate a forthcoming buying opportunity, so by sending congratulations and keeping track of these changes, we can make our presence known.

There’s no underestimating just how valuable a tweet can be in an industry that depends so much on referrals!