Selling Real Estate If you’re in the midst of selling real estate, you may wonder if your home is actually ready to go on the market. To ensure that selling real estate turns out like you planned and that you find the right buyer, there are a few things you should do, whether you’ve already listed your home or are getting ready to list it. These include the following:

  • Make sure the home is clean –When buyers walk through your front door, they want it to be spotless. If you don’t have the time to deep clean your home, you may want to consider hiring a professional cleaning service for the job.
  • Go with neutral colours – One easy update you can do is paint a few rooms in your home to freshen them up. However, while you’re picking paint, make sure you go with a neutral colour that will appeal to a large group of buyers.
  • Don’t take on major renovations – If you have your first home showing next week, don’t try to completely renovate your kitchen, bathroom, or any other room in your home. Instead, stick to smaller projects that will still impress buyers.
  • Pretend you’re a buyer – Before your list your home, walk through it and pretend that you are a potential buyer. Try to be objective during this walk-through in order to identify areas where improvements could be made.

Once you do these things, there’s a good chance that your home will be ready to sell. If you want to know more about selling real estate and how you can get your home ready to sell, contact us, Nancy-Jo and Iain Gurr.