Selling a HomeWhen it comes to selling a home, pricing your home at the right amount can often make all the difference in how quickly you find the right buyer. Fortunately, there are several strategies you can use while selling a home that can help you price your property to sell.

First, it can be a good idea to price your home at the lower end of its value range. This can create interest among a larger group of buyers, so you receive more than one offer. Depending on what the market is like, this could help you sell your home for a price higher than its market value.

Second, avoid getting “creative” with your asking price. Many buyers make the mistake of thinking that they will appeal to more buyers if they use an odd number, like $555,555. Asking prices like these can call attention to the home, and not in a good way.

Third, it is extremely important to look at comparable properties that have sold in your area and what they sold for. As you determine which properties to compare yours to, look for ones that have similar square footage and homes that were built around the same time as yours.

Finally, while selling a home, it can be highly beneficial to partner with a team of real estate agents who are familiar with the market and who can help you come up with the right asking price. Contact us at the real estate office of Nancy-Jo & Iain Gurr today to find out more about pricing your home correctly and what we can do to help while selling a home.