Selling a HomeWhether you’re getting ready to downsize or looking for something different, you’re ready to move and find a new home that better meets your needs. But before you do, you have to sell the house you currently own. Avoid these common mistakes while selling a home to make sure you get an offer that pays off:

  • Not negotiating—While selling a home, many homeowners take negotiating personally and miss out on figuring out a win-win deal with the buyer. Don’t let your ego get in the way, and be willing to work with a potential buyer to come up with an arrangement that benefits both of you.
  • Mispricing your property—Underpricing or overpricing your home when you put it on the market can both be costly mistakes. Make sure you familiarize yourself with comparable properties in your area and what they’re selling for before you finalize a listing price.
  • Neglecting needed repairs—If you don’t take care of repairs before listing your home, you’ll lose out later on. Remember, it is much less costly to fix things before buyers come for an openhouse than to wait until you put together a sales contract.
  • Trying to do it on your own—Selling a home by yourself can be a recipe for a disaster if you aren’t careful. To make sure you get as much as possible for your home, let us help you with all aspects of the selling process.