You have a choice – find a REALTOR® to help you sell your residential real estate, or not. But remember, simply putting up a sign and crossing your fingers isn’t a good way to respect the value of your biggest asset.

residential real estateAnd it isn’t just sellers who need the assistance of a good REALTOR®. Buyers also benefit. All too often, people overpay for properties that are bought privately. The tendency is to think that, because no commission is being paid, all private sales are good deals. Well, nothing could be further from the truth. A REALTOR® doesn’t just counsel buyers about appropriate prices, but he or she also ensures that important clauses and conditions are included in offers to protect buyers’ interests.

But beyond working with a professional, there are other things both sellers and buyers can do to ensure success in a challenging market. Contrary to what sellers think, there is one thing only that sells residential real estate, and that is price.

The condition, location and style of a home are important elements, but these characteristics are all essentially a function of price. No amount of elaborate virtual tours, print advertising, and other marketing strategies will sell a home that is perceived by buyers as being out of sync with market prices.

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