Real Estate SellingInvestors or home owners looking to be involved in real estate selling can fall victim to a number of costly mistakes if they are not diligent. Even barring the big mistakes, you could still fair far better in your real estate selling if you know the key practices to getting the best price for your property. We have the expertise to help you make the most money possible by avoiding costly mistakes and smaller ones.

One of the worst mistakes is not knowing what your property should sell for and thus underpricing it, leaving money on the table, or overpricing it and having it stay on the market far too long, costing you in the long run. We are experienced at conducting an evaluation of your property, so the selling price can be set properly.

Another mistake is not preparing the property prior to listing it. Savvy buyers will look at every blemish as a reason to offer less money, if they bother with it at all. Taking care of those minor repairs won’t cost much, and it will show buyers that the property has been well maintained. Otherwise they will simply walk away.

Real estate selling must also take into account the initial feeling a buyer gets as they drive by or first walk in the door. Curb appeal and entry are two very important places to concentrate on if you want to get buyers involved in touring your property. Some upgrades are worth the investment, and we’ll be glad to advise you on those we believe you should consider doing prior to putting your property on the market. We’ll also advise you on ways to make the property look and feel best for showings.

If you are looking at real estate selling in Midland, Penetang, Tiny Township, Tay Township, Balm Beach or the waterfronts in the Southern Georgian area, give us a call. We’ll be glad to value your property and provide expert guidance at selling your property for the highest price possible.