Real Estate ListingsOnce buyers browse through real estate listings and come across your home, you likely want it to show well so that they put in an offer. Although you may have decluttered your home and cleaned it thoroughly, there are a few unknown things you can do to make it stand out from other real estate listings.

  • Stay Away from Extensive Upgrades. Before listing your home, you may think that you have to completely renovate your kitchen and bathroom in order to sell it for a certain price. However, keep in mind that small upgrades can make a big difference in your home’s value. For example, simply rearranging your furniture, adding new paint to the walls, or switching out the hardware on your kitchen cabinets can make a positive impression on buyers.
  • Clean Out Your Closets. Most buyers want their new home to have plenty of storage space. To make it seem like you have more than enough storage space, empty out about half of what’s in your closets. Then, meticulously organize what you leave in them.
  • Light Things Up. When buyers come and look at real estate listings, they want to look at homes that are bright and inviting. To do this, clean your windows, take down some of your drapes, replace your lightbulbs with higher wattage bulbs, and cut the bushes near your windows.
  • Make Your Home Pet-Free. If you have pets, keep in mind that not all buyers will be an animal lover like you are. For this reason, hide away any signs that you have a dog or cat before your first showing.