Choosing a good area is an integral part of real estate buying, so below are a few questions to help you find a neighbourhood that’s right for you.

  • real estate buyingDo the Homes Look Cared For? Pride of ownership, even in moderately priced areas, helps keep values up. Look for signs of neglect, like houses that need painting, overgrown lawns, and vacant lots that could end up as dumps or being zoned for commercial purposes. Conversely, if there are a lot of neglected-looking homes but many have been recently refurbished, this could be a sign that the neighbourhood is being restored. In this case, buying a home and fixing it up can be a worthwhile long-term investment.
  • What Type of People Live There? First-time homeowners? Retirees? Professionals with no kids? Families? An area populated with lots of university and college students will feel very different from one with lots of young families.
  • How Far Will You Have to Travel to Do Everyday Stuff? Where is the nearest supermarket, post office, dry cleaner or gym? What about recreational facilities and parks?
  • Is it Safe? Vandalism and deterrents like bars on windows or ‘Beware of Dog’ signs can mean there’s a high crime rate.
  • What Are Property Values Like? Real estate buying is a big investment, so it pays to choose a neighbourhood where property values will increase.

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