Shelter, food and clothing are mankind’s most basic needs, and everyone desires the best for themselves and their families. This includes owning a dream home with furniture that pleases us, and enough space to live comfortably, while still being in touch with Mother Nature. What could be more idyllic than a waterfront property?

Waterfront living refers to staying next to a body of water, be it on a river bank, the ocean, or facing a scenic lakeside.

Sizes and styles of waterfront property homes can vary greatly, depending on what you like, want, and how much you are prepared to spend. In comparison to traditional homes, they may be the more expensive option, but when you weigh up the positives, it’s difficult to consider money as a primary factor. Apart from giving you a sense of class and being in touch with nature, waterfront living has some other key benefits, which you can’t put a price on:

  • waterfront propertyA glorious waterscape view to greet you every morning.
  • Beautiful sunsets and sunrises every day.
  • Away from the chaos, pollution and noise of city life.
  • A host of water sports on your doorstep.
  • No parking meters, ramp expenses or marina fees – your own dock allows you to sail whenever you want, for free.

If you’re looking to sell or buy real estate on the magnificent Southern Georgian Bay waterfront, contact us, Nancy-Jo and Iain Gurr. We specialize in retirement and waterfront properties, luxury homes, cottage real estate, and first-time buying.