While the resale and new home markets showed good results in 2013, maybe the most notable indicator of the health of Southern Georgian Bay’s luxury real estate market is the increasing number of buyers opting to build high-end custom homes in the area.

Some are choosing to build their homes in the countryside, on the waterfront, or on serviced residential lots. Whatever the lifestyle and location, local homebuilders and architects are kept busy making dreams come true.

luxury real estateRecently, On The Bay Magazine interviewed builders and designers in the area to find out about the latest trends in custom homes – clientele, techniques, design and size. They all unanimously agreed that their main clients are younger families and urban baby boomers building contemporary homes to accommodate their active lifestyles – now and for the future.

Luxury real estate clients are primarily those on the brink of retirement. It may be their second or third homes, but they want to settle in this area. They have worked all their lives, and now they are doing it right with their new residences here, using the latest technology, techniques and materials available.

Many active baby boomers approaching retirement are downsizing to suit their new lifestyles, which include more adventure and travel. They want homes with all the comforts they’re accustomed to, but they also want spaces that can be closed up quickly when the travel bug bites, and spaces that are easier to maintain.

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