Whether you want a lower-maintenance home for your retirement or you’re moving to a smaller place because the size of your family has changed, house down-sizing has plenty of upsides. Here, we’ll look at three of these.

  1. 478041541Mow Less, Travel More: One big thing that attracts people to condos and townhouses is the convenience of maintenance-free living. Sure, you still need to do the laundry, but you can permanently delete outdoor chores from your to-do list. This incentive may even tempt you to include all your gardening tools in the sale of your existing home!
  2. Comfort and Accessibility: House down-sizing to a condo or townhouse can offer you stair-free living. Developers, in fact, are responding to the increased demand for accessibility, and are therefore building single-level properties and suites with elevators, so people can move into places that allow them to age comfortably and gracefully.
  3. Eliminate Empty Nest Syndrome: What percentage of your existing home’s space do you actually use? If it’s 65 percent or less, you’ve probably got empty nest syndrome. Over the past 30 years, the average home has doubled in size, despite the fact that the average family size keeps getting smaller. Having too much space not only creates an imbalance that costs more than money and time – it also means there’s more stuff to dust and organize.

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